Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogathon post 1::Life As A Miracle 8.19 AM july 29

We all life as if it is some kind of waiting game for some earth shattering thing which would come and give us a certain direction.Many people live their lives according to the circumsatnces.Life pulls them and streches them and gives them wrinkles.I am also one of them.I have lived many of my years waiting for things to happen.I never realised that I could change and may be.. be above the problem.One of my relatives used to have a strange philosophy that said everything she did was already completed.Nothing was in her hand .She is just a device in the creators hands.This philosophy is good only if you want your helplessness to ruin you.For pain is not a necesssity for realisation.We all exist and each second go ahead millions of odds.We dont realize that we escape so many near death experiences every minute of our existence.We have never seen the life force in us.We dont know when it is going to leave us.The only way to live life is to be thankful for everything.That to realise the speck we are and to imagine the hugeness of life in us.

Hiding from the rain and snow
trying to forget but I wont let go
looking at a crowded street ..listenin to my own heart beat
take me to your heart
take me to your soul
show me what love is
have not got a clue
Show me that wonders can be true
nothing last forver
we are only here
-Micheal learns to rock

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