Saturday, July 29, 2006

Time..time..tick tick ...6 th post..10.37AM

The concept of time seems funny sometimes.I control it but why do I find myself running back of it.I feel it is the master and I am the slave.I read somewhere that perfection comes when the clock exists within you.The control of every foolish..I believe in letting go..I believe in accidents(mostly fortunate),spontaneous bursts of creativity and imagination.My day dreaming sessions have taught me a lot.It may be idle time for many people.But I believe that our world is controlled not by time but by our own priorities.I dont mind wasting rest of my life taking care of my loved one.The satisfcation which that gives me is far more better than the other goals.So to effectively manage time we need clear goals and motives.But I have seen sometimes that time has stood still when we have some painful experience.The memories become stronger than the clock.We have no other alternative other than facing it.It becomes our major focus and clouds our mind.It takes many days,months and years before we start using time again to shape our life.Dont look at the watch to know that you are late..If your heart wanted that would have never missed it for the world..
But does your heart really want that???

Got to change the message on ......answering machine
now that I am alone
Its make no sense because you are not there
but thats the only way I can hear your voice anymore
I am so sick of love songs
I am tired of tears
tried of wishin ..u were here
I am fed up of thoughts and memories
i am so sick of love songs
so sad and slow
why can I not turn off the radio???

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