Saturday, July 29, 2006

So tough...5 th post..10.11

I have always seen people become cruel after they had some bad experience.If someone cheats them or hurts them they try to project the hatred on someone else.This consquence is natural as humans we try to have fear and protect ourselves.But most of the time I have been the scape goat for the after math..Few of the people I have come across told me how they were broken apart by some girl..and me being a girl (even though I am being the best I can be :)..they are scared)I may hurt them..But I was always wonder whether when the same people ...if good things happen they go and share it with the whole world.Do they distribute love to all the people when they fall in love with someone..The world can be seen as a place of oppurtunity or disaster..When everything goes according to our wish ..we try to be nice..But may be trying to love people when they cheat and torture you.. reveals the inner self.I tried loving people even if they were mean..I failed..But now a days I try to love.. ..I dont attach any judgements or past grudges..Its so tough...May be thinking of the pain and human-ness which exists within your enemy's heart will push you closer to liking sorry..loving them...Its so tough..

I become so numb ..I cant feel you babe..
I am tried of being what you wanted to be
feeling so faithless under the surface
dont know what you are expecting of me..
But under the pressure of walking in your shoes
every step I take is a mistake to you..
All I want to do
is more like me
less like you..
linkin park

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