Saturday, July 29, 2006

Does it exist??? 7th post 11.06 AM

I have seen tears,anger,joy,hate,love, the brown eyes..When ever I felt low you have always tried to save me.You have been my freind all through my life.When people tell me you dont have consciousness,a soul cracks my heart..I thought you were like me..That we would meet ...later that you are gone..I have faith,belief,but no one listens to me ..They dont appreciate you..Some throw stones at you.I saved you from the streets..But its a cruel world ..they dont understnd you ..they dont understand me..When humans are starving,why will they feed you..DOnt ask god to make you human in the next life..You have a soul..i know ..You have pain..SO what you dont have a voice ..You have love ..I wil convey your feelings to the world..
SO many animals have saved humans,they have cried when their humans companions have died..I dont know why scientists experiment on animals in labs.They have feelings..They ooze out blood if you hurt them ..They are like us..Tables may turn..Who knows if we become a minority after thousands of years..Some species will treat us exactly the way we treat the animals..(remember planet of the

It is the passion that flowing ..rides through your viens
It is the feeling oh so glad you came...
and its the moment you are alive
its the air you breathe
that elimantes fire
it is the flower you ...took the time you .. to smell
it is power that you know ..It will get you well
cmon forca...
nelly furtado

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