Saturday, July 29, 2006

The real hero...4 post..9.38

Christopher reeves..the super man of bygone years ..His book on his struggle left a lasting impression on my mind.When I was browsing thorugh the books kept on the racks of the library..I looked at the guy sitting on a wheel chair,with a tube in his mouth..trying to breathe..but a kind of lasting peace in his eyes..It wa sthe best choice I ever made.May be if he had put a superman image with all the powers may be I would have just passed by..Our world tries to give all the attention to batman,spiderman,superman..and all the other comic hereos who go and save the world from the evil people ..A guy who had everything in life continuing to battle even when death was the easier option .Who instead of caring about himself went ahead and commmitted himself to raising awareness and money towards the disease .The guy who was invited to hand over the best actor award during the oscars..on a wheel chair..who bravely made it to the function ..To give courage to other sufferers

The lonely boy sitting on the chair fighting for his life against all odds..who can never walk,can never fly,can never defeat evil monsters but can kill fear with his laugh..can overcome obstacles with his determination ..give loads of hope even when he is gone..
make a blogathon writer write a blog dedicated to such people..
that lonely boy /soul is in my view a true hero

Whose eyes are my behind
I dont recongnize anything that i see
Whose skin is this design
I dont want this to be the way you see me
These walls I climb up to get to your story
I am anything but ordinary


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