Saturday, July 29, 2006

Return To Innocence post 12....1.41 Pm

I had lived most of my childhood in my own fairy dream land which comprised of talking animals and a future which was ideal.I had faith in everything.I thought my parents could solve everything.Then when I entered the teenage years I saw that the world was not so nice.My parents had their own jusdgements which did not meet with my idealogy of life.The generation gap created a atomosphere of gloom.The confusion at that stage was so scary.The stability I wanted was not available in close range.But slowly I understand the purpose behind various stages of life.You can't rush evolution of your mind.Like the lotus we are pure of filth surrounding us..
Once when all the illusions of perfection are shattered then only do we have the real test before us.The ability not to become stone hearted to believe ,to have faith and to finally return to the innocence ..the true state you were born with..

Love,devotion,feelings emotion..
dont be afraid to be weak
dont be proud if your strong
its when return to your self
is the return to innocence..


the moderator said...

Dear Lady WonderfulThinker,
Your blogs are truly intriguing. I am here to tell you about the Bug who has got his freedom, but his creator is still not happy.Your esteemed presence would be solicited at The Bug.Comments as always would be great encouragement

S.M. said...

I love Enigma... Just surfing, enjoyed reading your posts.