Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nothingness..2nd post ..8.37

Does everything in the world ..leading us to some where,some thing,greatness,hell..heaven..emergency wards..death ..higher consciousness..!!!!
I used to spend hours as a teenager staring at the night sky.I used to see all stars and think if I could just break the bubble I would know something.All the information you know would last only upto the second the universe was created.The mind would show you only how much you can bear.I wanted to solve the mystery.I wanted scientists,philosophers,religious leaders,thinkers and common man strive to find the mechanics of life..

But now a days when I look at the sky and see the darkness there is no fear that the greyness will eat me.It is a satisfaction that there is mystery..there is confusion and sometimes there is a feeling that nothing exists.That I dream everything I want to see.I can never break the bubble.I am creating it.I dont realize it.But its worth lose your sleep get confused and once in a while to get happy ..

At the end .. it doesn't even matter...
linkin park

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