Saturday, July 29, 2006

King Size Living...18 post 4.51PM

Indian society projects a elitist image which can only be attained by very few people.80% of India population still comprises of farmers who cant make ends meet.
Then why does the country trying to live the dream of very few people.Because instant gratification is what many people are back of.Happiness always means trying to give up the present pleasure for future contentment.Everyone even in the middle class want to have the latest gadjects,get into the best educational institutions,get the best job and then have all the luxuries which only few can dream of.Its like pouring salt on wounds to the poor as they see the extravagant display of wealth.But still they are hooked onto a life which is hollow.Shopping complexes are placed beside slums.The designer wear available will be eqaul to a months salary of a labourer.Beacuse the problem is not with the have and have nots ..its a deeper problem of finding a value driven society.As long as people consider themselves to be superior or inferior in terms of caste and wealth these divisions exist.One of the easiest ways to solve the problem is to start education at home.When the parents give importance to wisdom and knowledge ..a part of it rubs on the kids too..Practically it is possible to reduce the gap..not eliminate it..

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