Saturday, July 29, 2006

Education...19 post ..5.15pm

True value of education lies when the tools of learning are used to take out ignorance. In India ..most of the times education is seen as a business proposal which other than providing the individual money for a basic living also is seen as a status symbol for the parents.Like cloned individuals there are put through a basic schedule of learning by heart without any application to the practical world.The struggle is to find wisdom from such education .There are no clearly defined sources for enlightment.The popular media which attracts and dupes them into living in a unreal world is the movies.When there is a established connection between what is taught and how it can be used to form into a bigger force to make a change then the truw education takes place.
The idea is not to find faults but to find ways ways for development..WHen the student is ready obviously the teacher appears...

We dont need your education
we dont need your control
pink floyd

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