Saturday, July 29, 2006

20 feet around a tree 17 post 4.16PM

As the cattle gets tied in the night and rests in the circumference of the backyard.I have resisted my mind to roam anywhere other than this tree.
All my life I was trained to be a saint.I concentrate on getting my senses to calm down.I dont have to travel far and wide.I dont have to have wealth for this journey.But why do I torture myself without contact.What's the use of solitude when the life is full of wonders .The pain of existence creeps through unknowingly.I meditate under the same tree for years and years ..a fear still resides and not vanished ..To control the senses there may be no other way rather than narrowing your ever expanding gaze..I do it everyday..I see a gambler come by ..My mind sways to the pleasure of play..I leave the tree I go away..I learn the art of gambling..I win everytime..I have all the materilaistic pleasures I ever need..I grow old..I life lacks the peace..I leave the place..My body has grown weak due to the inactive and pleasuarble lifestyle..I leave the worldly affairs I get back to the forest..I reach the same tree..It has grown huge..I reside under the tree the fear vanishes ..silence resides deep within me..

Come away with me in the night
Come away with me I will write you a song
I want to walk with you in a crowded day
come away with me on a mountain top
Norah jones

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