Friday, July 14, 2006

Holy moments

Is there a answer to all my questions
Is there love where there is hate
A duality if exists in nature
A paradox of illusion and reality exists
Where do the poet go for divine inspiration
I run through the most painful of memories
I escape all the happy thoughts
My steps if can be retarced
shows the foolishess of past
The intelligence of future
lies not in the narrowness of the mind space..
As I run through the slums of the city
I try to find satisfaction in the face of the hungry
I try to find the invisible glow of radiance
on the souls of the diseased
I walk through dirt,I soil my clothes
I snatch a breath of fresh air..
I hear cries of pain from an old lady
I see a lady stuffing me ..chocking me to death
with her hand full of sweets
I hear the cry of new born
I put my hands up in air ..
Where there is life ,death forms a shadow
We assume that life is endless
we can strech ourselves out of the fabric of misery
A part can never become a whole
I may be far away
I may try to escape ..
But as the sun shines the night dawns
The shadow follows me!!!

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