Friday, July 14, 2006


As I look at the watch for the fourth time in past two minutes..I realize that if I dont hurry I would be late ..All my friends are waiting in the other room.I am tired..I have tried to work out the solutions whole 3 days but never reached a answer..But today I dont know what made me go through some wierd ideas and through the help of some useful know how from various resources I reached the correct solution.
I had to submit it at 4 o clock.Its 3 now..If I rush I can give it to my friends few of them wil learn the technique and few will blindly copy .But if I go late and submit I will be the sole owner of the solution.The only one who is intelligent enough,lucky enough to solve ...

3.10pm -You can become the profs pet.

3.11pm-All your friends will suffer..may be knowledge is meant to be shared..

3.12 pm -I am confused..

3.13 pm -U have to win..

3.14pm -In the world there is cut throat competetion..U can't let others win..

3.15pm -I have a inner conscience which always guides me..

3.16pm-Why do I have two train of thoughts which go in opposite direction...

3.17pm-Preethi..u can win..success is all u want ..

3.18pm -Knowledge is power..U are the most powerful in class..

3.19 pm-Why do Americans frame quotations?Show offs..

3.20 pm-Let me kill some time..Let me read this frame..

Pledge of a engineer:

I take this oath with a pure heart that I would serve my knowledge and practicality for the betterment of human kind.I would share the enlightment with fellow beings and with unity strive for excellence

3.21 pm-Sometimes u ask questions and u have answers right in front of you...

What u require is a glance ..a cautious glance ...

3.25 pm are my answers!!!!

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Ravi said...

i beg to differ. i would rather discuss the idea with my friends than show them the solution. i know its late. but i would not want to develop the sense of dependedness on me amongst my fello mates. a discusiion can infact throw light on a new possible way to solve the problem....