Friday, July 14, 2006

The only thing I can take..

Pots of gold I have kept hidden under the tree in my backyard
The grey hairs and lines on my face tell the story of success
I see everyone bowing down to me
They fall on my feet because of my greatness
I walk down to the nearest holy palce
Everyone moves to a side..
The priest chants the auspicious chants which
is supposed to improve my vitality..
I snatch a bag of cash and hand over
The priest prays harder to god
I need to get back to the heaven ,my palace
As the night dawns I enjoy the dances of courtesans
I drown in the music of the court singers
The wine drains my mouth
As stars gaze at me...Silence comes slowly
Everyone leaves..
I sleep alone on the royal bed..
there is a shooting pain in my chest ..
I yell and shout ...I try to reach the backyard
I try to snatch the costly curtains ..
they slip and all the pearls drop on the ground
I run .. I try to snatch sand
They stick to me ..but I feel like letting go
I catch it with all my might ..but they leave me
All the servants stand gazing one helps ..
I dont understand...
I yell ..but no voice comes..
I shiver ..but my body is numb..nothing moves
What do I take with me..
What do I do with all these things
Who will take them now..
The only thing I have left to take is ...

1 comment:

Ravi said...

the pain felt by the author is explained with a great choice of words. the example chosen is cryptic of sorts but seems to portray the emotion behind the thought. i really lie this one