Saturday, July 29, 2006

The DIvine Idol -3 post 26 8.54PM

The marriage celebrations have started in the palace
The halls were decorated with flowers of yellow and red
The ground was spread with rose petals
the holy fire burning in the centre of the hall
The king and his ministers welcome the prince
he in his white stallion brought with him some precious stones
The little princess was adorned in jewels
her tiny faced covered with red laced cloth
The prince with his towering height
sent a shudder to her heart
She never felt the fear in her heart when she was
near the flute prince
She hid the ivory idol in a safe place
She felt that the King's sevants may try to seperate them
She walked around the hloy fire..
Music played all night long
But the princess heart was too sad
She could not bear the seperation of few hours from her lord..

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