Saturday, July 29, 2006

Divine Idol -2 Post 25 8.20Pm

As she recovers from her disease
She sees the flute god everywhere
She does not have strength to go to
the holy place
She chants taking heavy breaths Krishna's name
Her father the mighty king of Rajput does not love
her trance
He says how do you love an weak god
The warriors of Rajput need the sacrifice of blood
She trembles at the thought of losing the white idol
Her eyes search for him everywhere
Her servants try to console her
the king has decided the wedding date
She forgets to tell her father,that she already married Krishna
Even though no one attended it ,she is his wife
The King's glance makes her scared
out of the pain of seperation she faints...

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Michelle said...

Finding meaning in life is a noble cause. Life's journey takes twist and turns that are often unexpected yet leave the learner with a sense of "there is something bigger going on here".

As one traveler, I've found meaning in the ancient writings of John, Matthew, Paul, Moses, Isaiah and some anonymous writers. They have expressed the mystery of life in a way that resonates with me. Fulfillment and joy have come through a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

All the best on your journey...