Saturday, July 29, 2006

Divine Idol - 4 9.25 Pm ..Post 27

The palquin bearers start to take her
Her family give her farewell ..
The idol hiding in a huge casket
Goes unoticed by the king's servants
The idol makes a appearance in the temple in
the prince's palace
She wakes up at dawn to sing the glory of
She dreams about the flute god everyday
The nature starts to reveal its unique philosophies
As the princess consumes her daily meals
She faints down ..The court doctor comes by swiftly
The face becomes pale..the life starts draining out
She accepts what life has in store for her
The lines on her hand point to a different future
She unaware of her own senses starts wailing the name of
the flute god
The stunned audience start to gossip
Posion mixed with nectar for the princess
has taken her to the death's door
The prince does not feel happy at how things have
turned out
He does not know who stay's in the heart of Mira
The queen has a smug lined on her face...

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