Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Degrees Of Freedom

courtesy of preethi krishnan

Yesterday in my apartment there was power shut down for around 4 hours. These four hours made me realize how vulnerable we all are. That every minute we depend and take for granted all the things which are present. As there was no hot food as the electric stove does no work, no hot water as the geyser does not work, no internet as the wirless does not work and to top it all of there was this unending darkness as the apartment was not well ventilated. I felt isolated.

Whereas on one side we have nations building weapons to give their citizens security ,there is the other side where these small things just stop our lives all together and make us weak and dependent..
We are the prisoners of own empires. We build it with bricks of discrimination. The divide we form among ourselves on the basis of religion, money and other status symbols. Brick by brick we make a wall which no one can enter...


rohitsahib said...


Same kind of situation.

I was trying to remove the carbon from battery cable which is attached to my UPS which gives me long hours of back-up & i broke the cable holder(don't know the right word) So, i got worried but i managed to get 10 min. backup UPS now. And i hope things will be fine tomorrow otherwise i was never bothered with electricity cuts because of big batteries. But now, i will be affected.

Cheers, Rohit

astrocrazy2005 said...

I get a anxiety attack when ever the computer either crashes or there is a power shut down because all the valuable stuff on my system would be gone..

rohitsahib said...

yes, i can understand.
i have 2 hard disks & all my data(including desktop files also) is kept in 2nd hard disk. Other than than, i have started writing DVDs too for backup purposes.

Within the next few months, i'm going to buy an enternal hard disk too so that i can keep a second copy there too.

So, one must be very careful & shouldn't take a second chance.

Cheers, Rohit

astrocrazy2005 said...

external hard disk is the best option..

Me... said...

That's Your view of power cut Pretty, on the other hand, when we had a powercut, I was re-living the memories of my hometown, that silence, everything seems to was nostalgic to me :)


astrocrazy2005 said...

Even I hav sweet memories of darkness,silence and mosquitoes.

Empty handed painter said...

Even it started out that way for me!! The whole town had closed down, no ones cash registers worked! We were contemplating hunger when we ran into a few quickly snowballed....we started getting stuff out which can be prepared without electricity......we ended up eating more that day than ever on the bench on the lawn outside our apartments!!!
veg sandwiches
Canned fruit with chat masala
Potato wafers- sev, dahi chaat :P
mango milkshake (blended by egg beater)

It rocked! :P

astrocrazy2005 said...

empty handed painter,
wow ..u had a gudd time..
even I tend to enjoy to the power cuts sometimes...

avmvyh said...

There is no such thing as Freedom. na eva kinchit karomi ithi says Gita Chap V verse 3."We do nothing at all"--philosophy! With that kind of perception you are liberated form all shackles to enjoy real freedom