Monday, June 19, 2006

I don't know

I feel these are the three most powerful words which every individual should carve it into their memory.These words gives us a chance to experiment,study,analyze,come up with new solutions to old problems,fail miserably,make a mess and finally make us human.
One of the stories which help us understand this perspective is..

A Cup of Tea

Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen.

Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor's cup full, and then kept on pouring.

The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. "It is overfull. No more will go in!"

"Like this cup," Nan-in said, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"

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The story explains how the world fills us with so much of stuff that everything which we want to do is always conditioned by our responses which are taught by the society.What ever we want to know about the world is present within each of us.We should just find creative ways to pull it out.We are just a medium of the higher consciousness which is present in the world.We take what is there in the world and give it back to the world.Our evolution finds beauty in the everyday world.To be a true student of nature we all have to shed our pre conceived notions of how things work and let our own inner instincts guide our way...


rohitsahib said...

Always nice to see that this electrical engineer is not boring! ;- )

Cheers, Rohit

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hey preethi,

When I first saw the three words..cudn't get u..thought it was just escapism..but when I read the whole thing I got the essence of it..I could get what u were trin to say..its really gud..the point which u stress learn something.. first think u dont know anything..n try xperimentin n learn abt it..dats the best..which i fell really makes u enthusiastic to learn abt it...

nice one,


astrocrazy2005 said...

totally agree with u..:)