Friday, June 23, 2006

Broken Glass

If you find Buddha then shoot him...

This philosophy may be a contradiction to the philosophy of non violence. But what it express is to kill the idea of finding someone/something who can give you all the answers.

We all are mirrors to each other. Every emotion which springs at you is because you have it in yourself. If you did not know jealously or selfishness/or any other complex emotion yourself then how can you judge others, that they have it. May be this theory is not very sophisticated to give us insight into our twisted mindset. But I believe there is one thing which comes forward, that we as humans are imperfect.

There is a masochistic self which beats us around and expects us to become perfect.
The inner critic tells us that we are worthless. The voice gets louder and makes us follow paths that contradict who we are. We do things which hurt us deeply. We achieve greater goals in life but never wonder why we are still unhappy. We keep running on a
Path where each day the goal changes.

As I pour water into the slips on the ground..It shatters..the pieces,
hundreds of them on the floor. They reflect who I am. The tears from my eyes join with the water free from the glass prison. The pursuit of greatness, fame and wealth have cracked my inner self.

With what do I join these broken parts
With what do I fill the emptiness which is deep inside me...
The road to perfection, always is illusionary
the standards of achievement faulty
It makes me feel mentally deformed
when I know the extent of possibilities which can be calcualted by my profession
I am human,I win,I lose,I cry,I express joy..
I may be the last one to get to the top
I may be the only one bankrupt
I may be the only traveller in this confusion
I am human,I win,I lose,I cry,I express joy..
I am human and above all I am imperfect..

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