Tuesday, May 09, 2006

To be or not to be "thats the question"

The eternal question that Shakesphere asked 300 years back still make sense even now.By profession i am an engineer ,by religion i am hindu (born into that family),by mind i am an atheist who follows buddhism and by race i am an human.We are constantly defined by our looks,education,the way we speak ,our skin colour if you are in India and the most important our ethics.Most people dont bother quetsioning the mold they are put into when they are born.We take it for granted our true selves which is defined by religion mostly.In the soul searchings I have always found out that I have changed for the better or worse ....i dont know????Even though the world gives you these exact definitions of who you are what I like is to say ..we are everything...So I AM ...... .So why does our crazy mind tells us that ..???sorry not mind,ego.

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