Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Recently i had downloaded a painting from the internet.It showed a guardian angel , 2 kids walking through a deserted forest area and a helpless puppy walking back of them.It symbolised to me how people believe in someone divine lookin above them.The road reminded me of the peom I had read when I was 13 years old.. "The Road Not Taken",by Robert Frost.The innonence with which we enter this world ,the confusion of what tomorrow may bring ,the faith... that by the time we die everything will be fine ....all this and much more was symbolised by this painting.Its true that a painting can speak (more than)a thousand words.I put this as my pic for my orkut account.I felt proud that I put such a sophisticated pic for my account.I was just waiting for all the awe and wonder which all my other freinds are going to shower upon me.This was one of the comments I obtained:
Why did you upload this pic which consists of beggar children ???
May be we all look at things differently.Sometimes we see god in misery and difficulty in oppurtunity....

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