Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stuck in the moment..

Sometimes things go so amazingly wrong that we feel that single moment ,the fraction of a second is too much to bear.The best thing to do ,when that happens is to let go .To trust your gut instinct ,to let the emotions come out and let the reality sink in."It s just a moment ..u stand and it will pass".This is one of the lines in the song """"stuck in a moment """ by U2.The rule I have lways followed in my life is to have a open mind.To have the ability to learn from anything and everything .Religious and self help books or books of knowledge have always been considered divine.But the little pockets of knowledge which we gain from people who have encountered various miseries and still succeeded to continue living are the ones which inspire me the most.On this particular day everything was going wrong,everything crappy...and my friend who is not a least bit into this new age fundas told me" be indifferent this may sound strange but it works!!!this is one of basic tenets of buddhism..dont want to be preachy!!!

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