Thursday, May 11, 2006

When do u get what u want!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I found a lot of ebooks on the net.There was this particular book which I was searching.I wanted it.I just wanted it and thats it.So I went on a search marathon.Went to the gutenberg project to find..could not find it there!!!!searched everywhere could never find it.I had so many books which I was reading, there was no urgent need ..but there was a desire..just for the heck of it own it.Then I trusted my luck ..fate ..universe..self ..wat ever u call it..I thought I was not ready for reading the book.My instinct told me that,when I let go of it thats when I will find it.I killed my desire ,I followed my instict ,told my huge ego to be quiet for a minute.I started reading "A million little pieces".The next day I was just browsing through the same site where I searched and I found what I wanted ..The book was right there front of my eyes..I was ready ...To read and enjoy the book.Few years back I had read a article which told about the catch 22 situation of wants.I re -read it so many times but never thought that it is practical.I was very sceptical of all the faith in universe rules.It told that when you start to desire for anything...relationships,money ,whatever u feel would satisfy your ego ..u create a block in the universe.Silent intention says that you would trust the universe and be happy with what u get .That does not mean u dont have any goals .It just means have dreams,hopes.....learn to let go and it would rebound and come back to u..
when u love someone ..let them go..if they return its meant to be ....

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