Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happily ever after.....

As a kid when ever I used to read fairy tales I used to feel so happy at the end.Whatever happens how many ever troubles sprang up the prince and the princess lived happily ever after.When I used to read other story books,if they did not have the magic words "lived happily ever after" I used to feel sad and depressed.But anyways I grew up with that theory that in my life also I would reach that happily ever after stage.I usually read a lot of biographies and during many times I have tried to see whether poeple have reached that stage or not.I cant believe sometimes in my life I thought that it was possible.But I have realised that there is no ever lasting happiness in our lives.It is only for a moment ,then it is gone.For every action there is a reaction,for every happy moment there is a sad moment which is born.The solution given most of the times is to be peaceful..middle way ..dont be too happy or way too depressed.
In sophisticated terms trying to find permanence in impermanence.Detachment to all wordly desires also gets you closer to this goal(not possible for me)

My cousin who is 16 years old was born with a heart defect.He has gone through many operations from the day he was born .He has experienced severe depression for many years.He has gone to many psychologists..(did not help him though)but it has been a difficult learning curve.When asked how he deals with sadness, he says

we all go through difficult times at differnt points of our lives.So the best thing to do when you are at a low point what ever gets you little bit of a movie,paint,go for walk ....


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Sridhar(mutRupuLLi) said...

Smart fellow your cousin,
Has learnt the secret of living. The pity is such things are easy to see, but difficult to practise. Atleast i have felt so.

Anonymous said...

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