Sunday, May 21, 2006

Getting used to the darkness

Once there was a total blackout in all the apartmnets in our locality.As the night approached everything looked so scary .The shadows,the silence and the intentions of unending doom.I had to go to my friends apartment which was downstairs.As I was trying to find my way through the darkness{college students forget that fire was invented) of my friends yelled and told me "Let the eyes get used to the darkness".It was one of those statements which gets settled in some corner of your consciousness.Months passed and I approached one of the stages in life where everything seemed to end and give me more misery.My heart had become mind desensitized me totally.It took me two months to sit down and face the situation.Then one fine 4am in the morning ,I was staring at the ceiling and my heart filled with grief was making me go crazy ..then I look around was extremely dark.I get scared of dark corners and makes me claustrophobic.But that day I was not scared anymore ,my eyes got used to the darkness.Life gives us hard knocks which we feel we can never face.Then there are times when we get used to life ,lose the fear ,get used to the loneliness and know that there is so much life can offer.The day would begin soon and there is a choice ,be happy and put a smile .Your eyes has got used to the darkness,there is no fear,its your own insecurity which drives you into misery.
I read a article of steve jacobs.Apple ceo(i wish got the name right)
He ends the lecture by telling ...Stay hungry,stay foolish.


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