Sunday, November 14, 2010

The First Impression

How easy it is to judge a person on first glance???

We all automatically slot people into different categories when we meet someone. They either are an elite group higher than us or depending upon their life story, inferior to us. Lately I am trying to put an hold on this automatic response. Judgement is an important tool to form trust. To survive we need the skills of discrimination and judgement. How do we match the two contradictions and reach a compassionate stance where we don't slot people and at the same time give them a second chance to prove themselves. Our view of others is used to form our world. When external commands give us value, we are more prone to judgement. Our worth should come from within us. There are people who can motivate us or inspire us to do better. But when the inspiration comes from within us, it is more pure and gives our life meaning.

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Anonymous said...

Judgement is a thought process. Thought is limited and restricted. "Therefore, matter is limited".
Thought complicates, confuses and leaves us muddled. Do we really have that much space today to investigate, if thought can produce deeper insights and knowledge to solve Judgmental confusions and arrive at the border of compassionate stances? Some need a second chance, some need 20 chances, some 200. Many may need few years to learn guitars. I started playing guitars 15 days after I had access to it. But today I chose not to make it big there, for I know, there are much more simple, straight forward ways to lead a life, without music and guitars. "We just do not want to bring to limelight, the problems that thinking can construct and magnify". Even as thought constructs, those who construct fail to tell the other side. The best possible thinkers and spiritual people that this society produces/produced are doing it )):- One can choose any way he wants. but...
Thought is destroying. Judgement are messing up, hurting, affecting someone. We judge being in a living system created by thought. They just do not want to highlight it and bring it to limelight.

Middle ways are muddle ways. "I" do not want to hold on to it as a belief.