Sunday, July 11, 2010

Image of Perfection

Disappointments from others are bound to happen.
The world will never have a perfect answer to most questions.
Most of the judgements which we pass on others comes from a place which demands perfection.Spirituality,is sometimes defined as the process to attain perfection.But spirituality is a journey which we have to take ourselves.Fear of not attaining the highest standards set by someone else torments many of us everyday.We live in a "Amoral" universe.Morality is defined by myths,beliefs,rituals,society and above all the trendsetters.Being judgemental negates the true meaning of perfection.We pick the minor detours and tell them as the important part of the journey.
Thansirro Bhikku tells in his discourse how being judicial is more important than being judgemental.Being judicial you make decisions which are good for you and also for others.These decisions come from a pure source of facts not mixed with fear,jealousy or envy.Being judgemental is victory for the ego.You have made the person surrender to their faults.Expressing our displeasure in a way which empowers the other is important.This is not very easy,but can be done with some mindfulness.

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"Spirituality,is sometimes defined as the process to attain perfection"