Saturday, January 23, 2010

Neuroscience and Spirituality

This short video (at TED) by the neurologist V.S Ramachandran explains the ancient philosphical models of our Indian Civilization.
What science could answer only now was contemplated thousands of years ago by Eastern philosophy....


Anonymous said...

makes me say wow!
nice presentation by the doctor.

but one question i search is:
Where is the power supply for the entire circuit system? If power supply is obtained from the other energy like chemical-electro chemicals (animal electricity), where do they come from...and goes on. Such a search for "power supply" is done by the self, which is what the saints, 5k years pointed out.


Anonymous said...

What makes me to wonder is why such a progress in neuroscience that transcends even logical thinking has not grabbed the attention of people and politicians to come to the limelight? Only Dr. Chandran can answer. --A