Friday, January 29, 2010

Ingmar Bergman

I had to dedicate a post on my blog for the great movies which Ingmar Bergman had directed.Even though I dont understand Swedish language the stories are universal and the questions are eternal.Some of his earlier movies just blew my mind away.Some movies try to give solutions to complex philosphical problems.Ingmar tries to make us understand the questions better.The seventh seal reminds me of my own set of questions which bombard me again and agian.Search for the truth and meaning of existence which the knight asks in the movie is replied only by silence.Even though death comes and defeats him in his play,he tries to save others even during his last chess game.

Art exists to make us understand that mystery and truth are the two sides of the same coin.The pain which goes in trying to expalin what our minds cannot comprehend can be transferred only through art.Beauty is not a creation of style or time,it is the product of mystery.All art forms should lead us closer to oursleves and closer to the reality which exists in us.

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Alternate positive situation:

I have a little artists mind that I wanted to share. It is said many a times that when an art comes from heart, it is close to truth and is understood by many people, who have the reality embedded in them. The art evokes the embedded truth. But an alternate view of mine is that sometimes a work of art that never comes from my heart grabs wider attention that something that really comes from my heart. I am muddled because of this.