Saturday, November 14, 2009

Collective Guilt

The guilt trap exists at every moment of our lives.Other than this common variety of personal infliction there is also a greater societal victimization and guilt.This occurs at a collective level where the environment seems to influence us.We are programmed to believe these concepts when we were young.We carry it into our adulthood and slowly it starts playing havoc in our lives.

Being a Indian woman,,,I do carry the burden of proving myself in a male dominated world. I do feel that I do need to measure to colonial standards of life.Even though Britishers are long gone,we still live in the culture where everything imported is termed as better than our simple indigenous life.Only after I moved out of India, I could get to the bottom of these belief systems.Everyone of us carry the burden of nationality,race and gender.I call it as a burden because our minds always get polluted by some propaganda .We may be for it /or against it (in terms of the propaganda)

Everyone has a say in how our society shapes up.So the propaganda plan is great.But it fails most of the time as they aim for the ideal case which cannot be even achieved by a "Utopian" society.There is a constant guilt which creeps up in our minds when we don't reach the ideal state as told by the activists.We feel we are not doing enough.We feel we are cheating ourselves and the whole world by not measuring up to the ideal.But as history would point out,every generation had its own regrets.There will be void in each of us which cannot be filled by any societal achievement.No one else can fill that void for us.The guilt will be ever present and the sooner we accept our guilt and learn to deal with it,the better we would be.

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