Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Renaissance Soul

The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One

Jack of All trades..Master of none..I dont agree to this statement !!!!

Life is long(not short)..We have time to pursue all the trades we want..We can also master as many trades as we want.A human being has amazing potential.Some people are incapable of handling more than one interest/profession.Some of us thrive under different professions/interest.

As the title suggests this book is a career guide for people who are passionate about many fields.When I pursued my Engineering,I also educated myself in Art,Astronomy,Music and Literature.To me it was just normal to fulfill my never ending curiosity.A lot of my peers thought that I was weird.I spent most of my weekends in the library devouring all the classics.My free time was spent taking Music and Astronomy classes.I also spent considerable expanding my knowledge on Art.
I have never felt it was a waste of time.
My knowledge of Astronomy landed me my first job in Masters.I taught Astronomy and Physics successfully for 2 years.
My love for art landed me my first volunteering job at a hospital.
My love for music expanded my circle of friends breaking all the barriers of race.

The book suggests lot of people like Da vinci and Benjamin Franklin.Da vinci was my idol ..He was a artist and also a scientist.I used him as a sheild to protect myself from peers who opposed my unending interest in learning.To me,life was about learning and improving.Once you master something,you pick the next challenge.When you reach the peak of the mountain,you see that there are other peaks to be reached.We have to be true to ourselves.Wherever the winds of life takes us we should sway effectively in that direction.

A well rounded individual will have a thrist for life.We cannot aim for riches alone ...We aim for excellence....

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Is there any way when you post some content, it can automatically be emailed to me? You can add me to your publishing list.

Wherever the winds of life takes us we should sway "effectively" in that direction.

"effectively" automatically means I am going towards excellence.