Saturday, May 16, 2009


People think being kind is a quality closely linked to cowardice.I belive the opposite is true.Only a person with enormous amount of inner strength can be kind to everyone.

Kindness was one of the most important things that I wanted to cultivate.There are lot of stages which are involved.We start being kind to strangers,the people we work...But to be truly kind to people we love(family/friends)is difficult initially.
Sometimes we take people for granted or we are kind to them so that they return the favors later.

Kindness does not mean we giving up our principles.
Kindness does not mean giving up our core beliefs.
Kindness does not mean not showing any reaction.

Kindness is the capacaity to see a different perspective and to imagine a new dimension to a existing individual.Inspite of the differences and the occasional debates we experience due to our inherent uniqueness,I feel being kind gives us a oppurtunity to introspect.

There is this beautiful article about kindness which I read on

"IF I had 10 more years"
By Wayne

Paul was dying of cancer. It became clear to him that it was time for him to prepare for death.

About a week before Paul died, I was visiting him one morning. I found him sitting up, propped against a mound of pillows. I sat on the edge of his bed. His bedroom had a beautiful porch with French doors that were always open to the summer sun and gentle breezes. Paul sat, silent, in the rays of the morning light.

"I wish I had ten more years, free of this illness. With those ten years, I could really live as I always wanted."

What would you do if we could give you those ten years? What would your life look like?" I finally asked.

Paul spoke easily and certainly. "I would be kind."

"I would live my life with kindness," he said. "I would be kind to children. I would teach them to be kind, too. This is all I ever really wanted to do, just to be kind, to be loving." He was quiet for a moment. "A few months ago, when I was feeling quite strong, I thought I would treat myself, so I walked into a bakery and ordered two of my favorite cookies. I told the girl behind the counter that they were my favorite, and she said she loved them, too, but that they were very expensive. When I left, I thought about it for a minute, went back and bought another cookie, and gave it to her. 'This one is for you,' I said. She was so surprised by my kindness. 'You are such a kind man,' she said. I felt absolutely wonderful. Such a small thing, such an easy thing to do. This is how I would live my life, if only I had more time."

In the face of his death, Paul saw his life. His death clarified his heart's desire: to be a kind person. Everything else fell away, and he simply saw what was precious and valuable. To be kind -- this was the most sacred thing, the most perfect and accurate offering he could make.


VJ said...

Kindness is all about shifting the focus from the self to others. When one understands inter-dependence and inter-being as Thich Nhat Hanh explains or as Einstein explains (in his essay, The world as I see it), he will see himself in others. He will be kind to others as he would be towards himself. He will not seek any favor then because he is showing kindness to himself through others. Kindness is not about giving up principles but true kindness will not rationalize it's principles to others. Kindness is what a grandmother shows by simply smiling towards her grandson and accepting that she was wrong, even if she knows that her grandson is wrong and has not got the principles correct right now. On a whole, I think kindness (like love) is truly exhibited only when the heart takes over the brain. The interesting thing is, for most of us it takes a significant amount of effort by the mind to realize that it has to finally yield itself and help develop the heart :-)

Karthik Soundarajan said...

kindness comes with understanding and not through practice.

I am sure u must hv tried many times to stay kind, what happens is only fractious out burst of anger and frustration when someone does not reciprocate the way you behave or you think someone is not like you. Just be yourself, i am sure there is some kindness in you to. :D