Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cutting Through Spiritual Materilaism

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Book)
By Chogam Trunga (Author)

The image on the page is not of tranquil Buddha,who showers compassion on us.A angry man in robes lifts his hand, as if he wants us to stop our deception and spiritual pride that we have cultivated.
This book is not targeted for people who are starting the spiritual journey.The audience for this book are the people who are basking in the self induced achievement of spiritual goals.
The book has lot of useful pointers on various topics.
The chapters in the book which I found interesting are:

The Guru
Self Deception
The Hard Way
The Open Way
Sense of Humor
The Development of Ego

There are few other chapters which deal with theoretical Buddhism.They cover the common topics of truth,emptiness(Shunyata)and Compassion.

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