Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spiritual land

Most of my own spiritual pursuits was to run away from the present situation.There is nothing more contradictory to my life than this feeling that I belong somewhere else.The events which have never happened to me look so wonderful.The places which I have never visited look so beautiful.The people who I have never met look amazing.This feeling to never accept anything is again a desire ...this desire should also be accepted.I feel this feeling is born when the mind gets a voice.Always there is some hidden treasure ...always there is a chase...
This other probable world with perfect people,amazing beauty,non polluted and with equal rights does not exist.Claims that this promised land exists has made billions of people believers in everything.But to reach a point where this realization sinks in takes lot of effort.Once we travel through the wheel of life we find out how every relationship is fake..Once these boundaries are broken we dont long for spiritual lands or spiritual people.

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FJ said...

That's amazingly true. Very deep thoughts. I have been following your blog for a long time now and enjoy most of your ports. Keep moving along your path to realization.