Sunday, August 26, 2007

Why is the world not falling apart !!!

All the stereotypes are produced by a fantasy.A illusion that somewhere far far away there exists a ideal world where only good prevails.Personally I believe in a kind of dualism which equates the good to the evil.I have seen lots of good going on in the world.There are lot more NGO's working for the deprived.Most of the countries have governments run by people.We have the freedom of speech and right to information.These things were something which our ansestors could never dream of.When it comes to evils of the society they can only be wiped out when we take responsibility.Villagers are treated like handicapped people.(without a brain)Everything gets blamed on the government which is run by people like us.We vote and then we blame.We live in space age where our appetites for fast results have seeped in.We don't want five years plan of improvement but we want five minute results.

So coming to the title "Why is the world not falling apart"
because there are people and good stuff happening which helps our lives.We don't know the ways in which gifts are handed to us .Our lives don't tumble down because there are lot of people (invisible)working to make it better.They are not famous because they are not in the movie business.When we search for goodness we end up finding it everywhere.

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