Thursday, August 23, 2007

Law of Nature

If I have a pet fish and I have named it Joe.Now everyday I feed Joe and admire the fish for its greatness.I place the fish in a fancy bowl and show it to everybody.But one day the bowl breaks and to save the fish I had to place it in a tank with other large fish.I go to the market to fetch a new bowl for Joe.By the time I come back Joe is not there in the tank.He was eaten by the large fish.I feel very sad for Joe and think life is unfair.

This story explains our own lives and the attachments we develop.If something goes wrong we curse Mother Nature.But actually she was just doing her duty.

Paraphrased and taken from the book "I am that"

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sankalp said...

hi preethi
what does 'hturt' signify in ur blog?