Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Our own intentions

Where does kindness come from?

From our hearts or from our egoic self centeredness.Many people get into all kind of charity acts or kindness acts so that they can feel good about themselves.When we work from the egoic self our act of kindness is a selfish act which gives it an air of superiority.I have seen people do that ...at the end they become more proud instead of kind.

Lets be more cautious when we work with people who are suffering more than us.Help should come out because we are equal and there is a common divinity which flows through all of us.

Kindness gets transformed into humility through which life gives us more chances to serve and help.

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bodhoham said...

True indeed.

But such persons are very rare, whose every action is based on the understanding that there is no separate self, and who identify with the whole world.

every act of such a person will be an act of kindness.