Saturday, July 07, 2007

Blogging for Charity...

This is the second year I am going to blog for charity.I have to blog a whole day ...48 posts post every half an hour..The menu is going to be spirutual and philosophical posts ..
[which can induce sleep to anyone who is not interested :)]

Donations can be done through this link...

From the list the "hturt" blog and pledge the money which has to be donated.If I successfully blog for 24 hours on July 28 then the money should be paid directly to the charity "Freedom From Hunger" for which I am blogging.
All currencies and cash are accepted.

I hope I can make a difference...

1 comment:

rk said...

wish you all the best.
i would love to read those philosophical and enlightening thoughts from you. and being a regular here, i am sure you will post fantastic thoughts for a long time to come, let alone just one whole day.

regards and take care