Sunday, July 02, 2006


When a rock hits the surface the ripples vanish
When an angry remark brings a smile on the face
The courage to be pleasant at the most crucial time
The stillness of the mind I seek..
I cant reside in the interiors of forest's
I can only be a tourist to wilderness
The society has caught me in a web
The awareness of who I am ...I seek..
The time swaying me like a pendulum from misery to joy
The speed with which it passes by
The slowness when life gets difficult
It's the one- mindness that I seek..
The teacher appears but I am unable to learn
The journey of change which I am unable to travel
The knowledge of who I am ..not within my grasp
Its the enlightenment that I seek..
I want this and I want that
I want a master to kill my desires
Why can't I pay someone to numb my senses
SO that what I pleasure the most I may never seek...


Sridhar(mutRupuLLi) said...

Good poem preethi. Just a comment...
I think if I have to stop seeking something, I should stop reacting/seeing/feeling in terms of pleasure or pain. So isn't your last line sort of the other way round. As long as I think something is pleasure I would still search for it won't I. Only when I remove my experience of it can I hope to not seek it.
What do you say?

astrocrazy2005 said...

Ya its a paradox ...When we cease to exist may be only then the struggle stop..