Thursday, July 06, 2006

When reality bites

As gump was walking he slipped his leg into the puddle of mud.That time there was guy waiting for some ad slogan which can make his faded stars glow.Gump replied
"S*** happens"..the ever smiling :) logo was invented.I switch off the idiot box.

A random thought occurs to me about all the times when some depressing occurences have come along my way..

caution:Tips from blog should be taken only after consultation of your mind.For the brainless wonders(me included)lets use the heart section of the body.

Tips for recovery(personal satisfaction may or may not be guaranteed)

1. I have always seen that most of the times I feel low not when some god forsaken diaster occurs...but some stupid incident which connect all the diasters into one mega misfortune.When you are in a foul mood...leave the past luggage of emotions..
do not connect the dots...
2.Do not cry out your problem to everyone.The false reassurances given by your friends are not useful because if it could be solved easily then there will be no problem in the first place.
3.Write down all the frustations and anger generated in simple terms..tear up the paper or press delete button.If it is against a particular homosapien species use email..but can be saved as draft ..not advisory if the anger is against boss..may press by mistake the send button and then another problem starts..
4.sleep ..dreams cant torture you so much because the sub conscious is also confused..
5.have a 90% of time..doesnt work only for people who hate water..
6.Do not drink alcohol,tea, exerts more strain..smoking too would achieve the same result..Fruit juice works like a charm here.
7.Do not answer the phone.You may end up spoiling everyones mood.
8.Read something inspirational.
10.Go for a walk..
11.Listen to some good music.
12.Use the idiot box helps you escape reality in minutes..
13.its just a moment will pass!!!you dont hav to flood the entire room...

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