Sunday, July 30, 2006

Singularity and god July 30 ..2.38 AM post 38

As the star force is drained out.The star's energy acts inward and a strong gravitaional field acts inwards and a strong force of gravity pushes everything inside.It forma a massive mass and then explodes .The first big bang takes palce.The edge of a black hole is a place where the time stands still.Everything which is lost is gone..The information,planets,stars,humans all disappear into the vastness of the black hole.When the hugeness of the black hole is considered and when time stands still where is the divinity??Why is it so difficult for us to know the edges of the universe..Why the secrecy and why the mystery ..??The universe is expanding along sides ..where is it going to lead us ..It is sometime scary and sometimes wonderful to know that a human mind can gather so much information and make sense and still not go totally mad...


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You're doing great!! Almost there!! Keep on bloggin!!!

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