Sunday, July 30, 2006

Foundations ..39 post 3.25 Am

Humans are interdependent species.We can most of the times..not survive without dependency on some idealogy or other.The few of the important foundations which people live their lives are:
1.Religious idealogy
2.Spouse dependency/children dependency
3.Freind dependency/Relative dependency
4.Core Principles

Few of the roles are organised for making our life better.They are based on human interactions which are fickle and based on the circumstances of the life.The dependency on principle is not always practical in the modern world.Religious idealogy provides us limitations which never gives a chance to open our mind and our hearts.This makes more sense for people who follow one faith and are not open to other faiths.
Each of the dependency attaches us in a way which may give us a lot of pain in the future.But to depend upon nothing and arrive at something more special and enlightening is a courageous path which is mostly followed by the enlightened being.

Gold cant be strong on its own .. even though copper is cheaper is added to gold ..Even though it is cheaper..

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