Saturday, July 29, 2006

Meeting 21 Post 6.12 Pm

As the time approaches close I hurry towards the waves
The holy river with its pure waves rushes towards me
The boat to the other side is waiting as usual..
I am not the first one who travels the other side
The water with its force tries to pull me inside
A tiny hand clasps me and hugs me and tells that
it will never let me go
The loud cries shatter the silence
I make him understand I will be back in 2 days
But he does not understand the ways of life
A part of me exists with him
In his heart and soul my blood runs ...
He squeezes beside me in the corner of the boat..
The boatman starts to sing the song to appease the river
The roars of the river gets loud
I start to chant the holy mantras
But the water puts fear in my son
I bow down to the ganga and ask her
to leave my treasure
It asks me what can I offer to appease the anger
I hold him tight for a second and let go
I tell him that I have a important meeting
I should give away my body to the eternal earth from
where it had come
I shall always stay with him
My blood is runs through his viens
My memories shall stay with him
Do not cry for departed ones
They are the ones which stay the longest with you...

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