Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sagara sangamam

My hearts echo to the unheard music
the pain of seperation gives rise to my creativity...
I can't take the pain of living through each day as a miracle
The drop of my consciousness which i have held within me
seeks for a escape from this cruel world
I travel great lengths to find the ocean of peace
I break all the limitations which are kept in front of me
The betrayal of faith and trust cracks my soul
I starve myself through the years
I keep away from the pleasures
I become friends with darkness and solitude
I wait in vain to find the way to liberation
My past chains my legs
My future creates mirages..
The present stuck in the lonely drop
Then one day as I walk through the lonely road
A whisper flows into my ears
It sounds that the day has arrived
I write a letter to my soulmate
I leave possesion less and follow the trail
As my breath slows down
My legs begin to shake
the lonely drop begins to escape
I sit down motionless and watch the waves
My drop drips away into the ocean
My mind dives deep to seacrh for the lost drop
But how do I bring back the lost drop from an ocean
How do I stop time which is ticking away
the drop which is the death of me was held in my hand
WHy did life allow me to throw it away!!!!


aditya said...

dat was a nice one....didn't know da hidden poet in u until i read this one....

Me... said...

So here comes a Pretty Paati Poet =D>
It was a very thoughtful poem ra, never knew ...
I'm kind of knowing a New "Dimension" of Yours everday :)

Anonymous said...

nice one .. the bolgosphere is bring poets out into public ,,

astrocrazy2005 said...


astrocrazy2005 said...

ANand aka me..

we all hav different dimensions..
slowly they com out..
keep smilin..

astrocrazy2005 said...

thanx for visitin the blog..
these blogs do get struggling poets in to the public eye