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My words on love

I have always wondered does love last forever??There are many scientists trying to find out whether there is a parallel universe..How come many dont proceed in this direction too??With all my little experience in love I had ..these are my little insights:
CAUTION:I dont claim this to be the truth in relationships..this is just a advisory.If you are going to consider any advice the rule is :::use a bag of salt..
But if that caution did not scare you away ..please continue...

1.dont be too dependent.
2.When someone says you they are going to leave you because they have some other problems or some other issues , but if it did not exist they would'nt leave you for the world..
My golden words ITS ALL CRAP..
90% of the time it means that there is no serious commitment to love/relationship.
3.If some issues or a particular lifestyle is important like oxygen dont go fall for the person who is just the opposite.
OPPOSITES attract only in magnets ..not in humans.. or else we will never have had wars ...
4.When a relationship turns sour(someone ditches u)..Do not run back of the person.Earn some self respect and leave it as fast as possible.Forgiveness is not a joke .Anger is always destructive .
Be very angry first with the person and then forgive yourself a decade later.
5.Manipulations in a relationship makes the relationship more complicated .If you are wearing some other mask and not showing your true self to the person u love then - u dont have a good reationship.The world is a stage and we are all actors -you dont get paid for this work and acting is good only if you are working in a t.v series or a movie or else it is called you mental delusion.
6.Sometimes when a person fits a particular image and we think they are perfect ..they are ur other half and complete as fast as possible.You are whole you dont need someone to complete you.Thats why we are born alone or else we would be born with our umblical cords connected to another individual.We die alone too..How can you think that god was stupid!!!!
7.If you are not ready for a relationship ..then believe it ..go dig out the old hammer and chisel on the nearby rock ..A doubt in a relationship is cancer ..there is no cure ....mostly...
8.Independence...freedom ,honesty,trust ...find out which words give meaning to your these qualities for the person you want to be with..I always believe love should let you grow as a person .If your love is inhibiting your true self and lettting you die as each day passes,find someone else.
9.Be very straight forward and discuss all the terms of the relationship.Mostly when it comes to Indians
find out the traditional/mordernity level..
how the family behaves..because most of the Indain men are carbon copy of their family traits..If you are a girl try to be away from people who search to find their mother in you.You are a individual and the uniqueness should be accepted.
10.If you are going to dive into the M world(marriage)..discuss issues about finance and career at the beginning itself.These destroy lot of relationships.Dont have a marriage based on contract or on a idea.A relationship if it has to last for ever is not a joke it needs some solid ground work.If you have castles in the air ,go to the next step put some strong foundation.
11.If everthing looks like a dream pinch yourself hard..If you are flying high in the air ..remember there is gravity it will pull you down to earth immedaitely.Take time off from the relationship to overcome the infactuation effect.The fog will disappear and the true self will show itself.
12.Anyways expecting anything in return is wrong ..when you are in love.If life throws you lot of bricks when it comes to your love life ..keep first aid ready and start by building a wall.If you are tough hearted prick (I have come across them in my life)start by taking care of a plant..If the plant survives ,then adopt a dog or a cat..then progress to humans.We humans have mouths we scream in agony.
13.Educational qualifications dont show the inner character of a person.Knowledge,enlightment and education are three different words.A highly qualified person can be sometimes the worst choice of your life.
14.Dont go around searching for love.Let it come and find you.We all can be happy alone.But when we share our lives with someone else it makes us more happier.That does not mean you dont share your love for life with others.Give your love away by volunteering in your free time,making time for your freinds and family.

I will add few other insights as I go along and meet other screwed up people.
this is one of the quotes which I like about love

There are two great tragedies in life
falling in love and failing in love.....

Marriage is always good..look at me
if the marriage fails can always become a philosopher :)
- socrates


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