Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Mythical Hero's Journey

It is never evident in our teenage years what plans life has laid down for us.I do not believe in a fatalistic view of life,but I do believe that life has its goals which somehow get fulfilled through the individual experience.When I look backward and connect all the dots,some experiences make perfect sense in the present moment.But looking forward or imagining where the chips fall would be bad idea.To be prepared for the storm is fine by all means,but lets not predict its exact moment.The journey each individual takes is so unique.Books, road maps,amulets,gurus,secret incantations,beauty,power,ambition,luck,intelligence ...nothing can prepare us.None of these, will save us from the blows which life would give.Lets choose the battles wisely.The hero has to return to the starting point.The sacred circle of return would be marked by a change,which would never appear on the outside...but would be deep within the inner realms of his/her soul.Too much time is wasted fighting other's battles,or taking detours with topics which don't matter.Once we know what matters most,we focus,learn and evolve....

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