Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bharatatattva :Course in Indology

There are two volumes which I had purchased at Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai.
These two books have articles dealing with Ancient Indian Society/Politics/Literature/ and lot of articles about lineage of different kings.
These two books gave me a gist of the Ancient Indian life.After every scholarly article,there is a reading list.Both the books costed me 160 Rupees(They are published by Ramakrishna Mission).But the information from all the Indologists is priceless.
The books are

Bharatatattva :Course in Indology Volume 1
Bharatatattva :Course in Indology Volume 2

One more site that I found -Archaeological Survey of India


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please include some tags when you point to references. For example, tag for this post would be:

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The tag word "references" helps to chain all references that u post in different time periods. If someone wants to search some reference u posted in 2008, its easy to trace it. Thanks,

They are good ones.

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Thomas McEvilley on 'The Shape of Ancient Thought'-

A revolutionary study by the classical philologist and art historian Thomas McEvilley is about to challenge much of academia. In THE SHAPE OF ANCIENT THOUGHT, an empirical study of the roots of Western culture, the author argues that Eastern and Western civilizations have not always had separate, autonomous metaphysical schemes, but have mutually influenced each other over a long period of time.


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As i keep reading McEvillys T's book, I am able to question some of Devdutt patnaik's arguments. I am sure this book can alarm many western philosophers and indologists though I am not sure if someone can object his strong arguments. Someone will, I guess.