Saturday, March 20, 2010

Creative blocks

Creative blocks happen due to the various complications in our belief system.It is a painful process to find out what causes us to leave activities which give us pleasure.Boredom,importing other people's belief and values,lack of glamour etc are the various reasons for the blocks.I went through such a block when it came to art.I was a promising young painter at the age of 21.If not for my idealistic bent, I could have sold my works for a little fortune.But for the next four years, I suffered from a lack of interest in art.I had to struggle very hard to get myself near to the canvas/paint brush.I bought lot of books on art during that period.It was as if, I wanted to hold on to the shadow of my former artistic endeavour.Those books used to rot in a corner,and I say to myself the stories of my younger artistic instinct which I lacked in that moment.But there were lot of other creative activities which I picked up during that time.Blogging was one of them.I started taking western dance lessons.I started participating in public speaking.I always wanted to take up speech craft,but lack of time and other activities somehow stole away that goal.

One of the books I credit in making me destroy my artistic block will be "The Complete Artists Way"(A Spiritual Path to higher Creativity) by Julia Cameron.

I followed all the creative exercises given in the book.I was skeptical of her claims when I started reading the book and applying what ever she said.I gave it a few months,for the wisdom to sink in.. (spiritual osmosis...)The first step after my recovery was, I took part in a painters workshop and now... I am thinking of exhibiting my painting's next year.

This book is good for overall creative recovery.You can say this is a psychological/spiritual handbook which makes you think and feel all the emotions which you try to run away from.I bought the complete set of three of Julia books.The other two being "Walking in this world "(The Practical Art of Creativity) and Finding Water(The Art of Perseverance)

There are two reasons, for me to buy this book..One.. it was on sale(i guess 3$ for three books..a great deal for a frugal person like me) and the second one being it had Artist and Spirituality in its title.

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Karthik Soundarajan said...

Ya i too have realized in the past few weeks that we cant put a full stop on our passions and life becoz of some ideology however true that is! We need to move on and follow a path that works for us.

So you paint? why dont you put up some pictures on photo bucket or something.I wonder how they are.

I do art too, i draw portraits but i gave it up for other pursuits, i dont even know where i left them.!