Saturday, September 26, 2009

Overload of Information

Lots of information enters into our mind through our sense - doors (eyes,ears).There is lot of information which is generated through our thoughts.Its not possible for us to cut away our eyes, nose and ears.Without Maya there may be no spiritual enlightenment.But this information overload makes me crazy sometimes.I performed some experiments using myself as a guinea pig :(

My conclusions are:
The enviornment always moulds us slowly.Sometimes our minds are weak and get threatened by the surrounding.Sometimes we cave in.But for the most part we can avoid the unwholesome environments.We can stay away from people who spread their negativity.If we are strong enough to fight the battle,then we can survive,if not we need rest and contemplation.With our own spiritual integrity we can reach a stage where we can take the bad experience coming in and churn out goodness.We can choose the better part in any duality.But we need to ripen to that stage.Personally I fight everyday with my fits of anger,laziness,pride and ignorance.There is a part of me which accepts my clay feet.Buddhist Meditation talks about vows which strengthen our ability to become wiser.Few vows add to our development.They help us from staying away from trouble and also make us more disciplined.

Note: This blog only caters to the topic of spirituality.My opinions may be biased and I try to write the gist of the whole experience.Most of the time I don't add any of the failures I have had on the way.Many blog readers think that I would have all the ideals (100%) as I write.These are the ideals I want to achieve and as always being a human,it is a work in progress.There are lot of fatal mistakes that I have made that I am not proud of.But the blog focuses on sharing the spiritual enquiry which can of be some gain to others.


Swaminathan Kaushik said...

I love your thoughts! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I do understand that anyone cannot be 100% accurate but what I mentioned earlier about u being stubborn is ur intention to strive hard to attain certain spiritual objectives. Whereas I am an analytical person who finds for valid reason to SET any objectives for how lead the life without even attempting to try a strict, spiritual, integrated life. You are trying and I am not trying because I am still analyzing. This is what I meant. For example, I question the very "need" to try hard to avoid anger,laziness, pride and ignorance. Some amount of analytical and some amount of practice has certainly made me a better human being but i PERSONALLY feel if I am trying hard much more to become better human being, I am using lot of my energy. I am curious about people like you who have whole different interpretation about what spirituality really means. But I have not found it for myself and I have not found satisfactory reasons from others. Neither do I know what, where, when and how to begin it nor do I know how to end it by meeting certain fixed objectives. I also do not know how one arrives at those objectives to begin with. I do not think I am stuck. I am just going on wherever it takes me to. My school mate is also pretty much like you. Very interesting guy with similar spiritual practices. From school days, I have never understood him. Here is a Russel's article, if you are interested: