Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meditation ramblings

When you are meditating lot of questions start arising.Not that they were not there before.Its likes having a endless conversation with a person who never gets tired.Lately I have come to realize that most of my meditation sessions are problem solving sessions.Its like having a one hour meeting where present problems are spoken out.The past traumas and fears take control once I am done with the present moment.Then there is the desires of having a glorious future.Underneath all these is the intention of finding the truth.

The solution does not lie in running away or sacrificing everything.The mind will create fantasies from emptiness and peace Sometimes I feel that unless we understand the problems,we can never meditate and achieve inner clarity.The root of our problems may be the same.A situation when analysed from all angles may give us enough knowledge to overcome lot of the mental barriers.Sometimes I go through phases where I cannot meditate for weeks.
"I can force myself to meditate".
That would be a possible solution... but repressing the mental defilement's can cause them to explode with greater force.Meditation should only be used for developing the inner know-how of our mind.Unless we take a leap and put efforts to grow,the practice will never reap any benefits.The practice itself moves like a sine wave.The highs of mental bliss and the lows of confusion have to be accepted without any complaints


Karthik Soundarajan said...

I have stopped trying to find solutions to my problems, rather i at least understand that the seeking for solution is actually an neuron attached to the problem neuron. So both are the same. When the problem occurs the seeking occurs so both are interconnected, let that go and the problem dies out along with it. The seeking only prolongs the half-life of the problem or the time for it to disappear in the rush of other thoughts.

Problem or bad situations happen all the time, i remember my problem got more and more compounded as i began to think there is a solution in searching, at some point you begin to realize the search has also become part of the problem.

Violence begets a violent mind and silence begets a silent mind.

There is nothing to search or clarify. The requirement for clarification is to put you back in the same track of seeking for a solution again.

Thats how it is for me, i am not sure how it is for you.

Anonymous said...

Since you have all qualities of a philosopher (stubborn in becoming a better person), I am suggesting you this book: Reference and Reflexivity

Hope my appreciation does not fortify your ego, just kidding )):-